Bruichladdich Classic Edition_01

Bruchladdich Classic

Bruichladdich is quickly becoming one of our absolute favorite single malts. We’ve sampled 5 different bottlings and have yet to try one that was less than excellent. Bruichladdich is an Islay whiskey, which typically means a strong, smokey, peaty taste. But what’s unique about Bruichladdich is that they offer two separate lines of whiskey — A peated line and an un-peated line. BWG’s first Bruichladdich review is of their un-peated, or “Classic” line, The Classic Edition_01. It’s buttery smooth. A medley of alternating flavors include lavender, butterscotch, apple, nutmeg, and oaky vanilla. A soft, faint hint of peat is present through all of these. We’ve discovered this to be unique to Bruichladdich. The resulting taste combination is amazing. The Classic concludes with a spicy, cool lingering mint finish. This thoroughly complex whiskey is well worth its $60 price tag. Locally available. Rating: 91/100

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