St. Patrick’s day is upon us and we’ve decided to review a unique and lesser known Irish whiskey to celebrate. Connemara Irish Whiskey is the most unique Irish whiskey we’ve tried yet. It’s labeled as a “Peated Single Malt” whiskey and its flavor exudes just that. It’s peaty and smokey up front, then broadens into an earthy, grassy type flavor with hints of honey. A strange ginger-soap taste is both on the nose and the tongue. It has a long, warm and dry peaty finish. Over all, its flavor is not as deep or complex as some of the peaty single malt scotch whiskeys, but this Irish whiskey is in another world compared to the better known Irish whiskey staples. It also comes in a sturdy gift box with 2 labeled rocks glasses for the excellent price of $47. Locally available. Rating: 84/100


Cheers! Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s day.

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