Bowmore Legend

IMG_1715Over the month of April BWG will be posting reviews and info about affordable whiskeys. Affordable whiskyes are identified by us as whiskeys for under $50. This initially brings us to one of the cheapest single malt whiskeys on the market, Bowmore Legend. Sadly, Bowmore Legend reinforces the age old adage, you get what you pay for. This whiskey is up front and harsh with a plain and muted aroma. It tastes like Dewars infused with a sour peaty smoke. It’s flavor is certainly unbalanced and only becomes palatable with a hefty amount of water. The Legend may be better off being mixed into whiskey cocktails. We’ll post any positive results… Locally available for $26. Rating: 65/100

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2 Responses to Bowmore Legend

  1. Corey Elias says:

    Bowmore Legend is very young, very caramel influenced, and one track malt character but my positive comment is that it makes an amazing, slight smoky old fashion or Rob Roy. I also put a half oz in marinade for chicken!

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