Benromach Traditional

IMG_1997We cap off April’s reviews of whiskeys for under $50 by trying our first from Scotland’s smallest distillery, Benromach. They have a massive amount of different varieties listed on their website, many of  which are rated very high. We started with their most affordable bottling, the Traditional. This whiskey may have the lightest “mouth feel” we’ve tried so far. It’s almost watery, which is not good. The lighter the mouth feel on a whiskey the faster the flavor is gone, and a good whiskey’s flavor should last long into the night. The Traditional has citrus on the nose and sweet cereal on the palate. A nice, non-spicy peppery flavor comes out in the finish, but it retires in short order. There’s nothing glaringly wrong with this whiskey, but it fades from your memory as quickly it fades from your taste buds. This Benromach’s very affordable price tag makes it not a bad buy, but for an extra $8-$10, much better whiskeys await… Locally available for $30. Rating: 70/100

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