Bruichladdich – Progressive Hebridean Distillers

Just last week, BWG was featured on Bruichladdich’s website in a news article highlighting whisky aficionados and groups who have an enthusiastic social media presence. It praised those who tout and take pride in their local products and services. “We need to know and care where things come from. To stand up and applaud those responsible” Carl Reavey from Bruichladdich writes.IMG_1613It’s a humbling thing for us to be on a great scotch purveyor like Bruichladdich’s radar, especially in regards to our “local pride.” Bruichladdich, an artisanal Islay distillery, is easily the most interactive whisky company on the market. They are regularly updating their website and are constantly driving multiple social media outlets. Their Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram constantly keep their fans updated with the latest news about their whisky, pictures of the inner workings of their distillery and re-posting of fan photos. Bruichladdich is as in touch with their customer base as any whisky company out there. In addition to their unique brand personality presence on social media, the visual brand recognition of their product, packaging and collateral are concepted and designed even more uniquely. The simple, elegantly modern design and distinct blue-green staple color creates an exclusive aura about Bruichladdich whenever you see it on store shelves.Bruchladdich ClassicWith that being said, all of the online customer interaction and sleek product design wouldn’t mean a whole lot if the product itself didn’t hold up. The best part about Bruichladdich is their product. At each different and new tasting, their whisky has yet to disappoint. At present time, BWG has collectively tried eight different bottlings from Bruichladdich and, to our enjoyment, have been forced to score each one a 90+/100. This company gets it right in so many ways. We are honored and humbled that they chose to feature us for our like-mindedness when it comes to whisky and local pride, and look forward to may more interactions with them and many more bottles of their whisky. Salute!

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