BWG Whiskey Tasting Events

Last month BWG held its first whiskey tasting event at the local downtown hot spot, Hotel Lafayette. The mezzanine in the Pan American was an excellent place to sample and compare The Dalmore 12, Bruichladdich 10 and Bruichladdich Peat.IMG_1885Attendees whiskey preferences all varied in taste, so the three very different bottlings were an excellent contrast. The event also doubled as a celebration of the impending birth of one the guild’s member’s first child. As one might guess, whiskey was imparted to the father-to-be as a gift. Bushmills 10 Year Old Irish Whisky.IMG_1910All and all, the event was great fun and BWG hopes to throw more tasting events in the near future. Info will be posted on our site, as well as our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Sign up for BWG emails to keep current on our upcoming events. Salute!IMG_1914 IMG_1923   

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4 Responses to BWG Whiskey Tasting Events

  1. Jon says:

    Going to be heading to Buffalo tomorrow night to catch Billy Idol – what store’s got the best Laddie selection around while I’m there?

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