Compass Box Great King Street

IMG_2326In doing research about blended scotch whiskies we stumbled across this beautiful label belonging to a recently founded distillery called Compass Box Whisky Co. This specialist scotch whisky maker was founded in 2000 by American ex-wine pro, John Glaser. The Compass Box mission is to re-establish the industry standards for quality and style of blended whiskies. We sampled their signature line, Great King Street. On the nose it’s orange citrus and apple. A creamy full mouth feel of a spicy marmalade adds to the citrus. A touch of water flattens out the spice but brings out more of a mouth warming apple crisp flavor. Great King Street is definitely a step up in quality and elegance when compared to the establishment blended whiskies, such as Dewar’s or Johnny Walker. If your taste leans towards a blended whisky, make the switch to Great King Street. Locally available for $40. Rating: 88/100

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