BWG June Tasting Event – Talisker

IMG_2387This past weekend BWG held a Talisker tasting event. We sampled and reviewed three different whiskies from their available line up. Talisker is a remote distillery on the Isle of Skye. Since 1830 Talisker has been revered as consistently producing some of the finest and well crafted whisky in the world. We sampled the 10 year old, their cask strength 57 North and their sherry cask finished Distiller’s Edition.IMG_2400As a whole we rated 57 North the highest of the three, sighting its layered taste and complexity over the others. The Distiller’s Edition scored lowest. We found that the sherry finish masked many of the other flavors we found on the nose and the palate of the others. Talisker’s flagship 10 year old is a very good distinctly flavored whisky. Both on the nose and palate it’s oaky, salty and earthy. Sharp cracked peppercorn is up front throughout. Its a muscular, intransigent whisky. A touch of water smoothes it out, making it very easy to drink. The peppery flavor disappears on the finish, but it leaves with a lasting warmth.IMG_2405The 57 North added a bit of sweetness on the nose with dry fruit, apricot and toffee brittle. It’s more intense, obviously due to its cask strength and it has an oily, buttery, full mouth feel. With water, the cracked pepper of the 10 shines through. Its finish is ruggedly intense and flavorful. Lastly, the Distiller’s Edition became the disappointment of the evening. The nose was all sherry. Some dried fruit, raisons and cherries. It has a bit of the Talisker pepper on the palate, but all the underlying flavors trying to come out are masked by the sherry. Adding water to this whisky completely flattens it out. Also hurting the Distiller’s Edition was the fact that out of the three, it was the most expensive.IMG_2412IMG_2423IMG_2428BWG had a fantastic time at the event. We thank all those who attended and look forward to throwing more tasting events in the future. All three whiskies are available locally. Talisker 10 – $65. Rating: 85/100. Talisker 57 North – $69. Rating 88/100. Talisker Distiller’s Edition – $79. Rating: 78/100.   



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4 Responses to BWG June Tasting Event – Talisker

  1. James Milles says:

    How do I get on the list for these events? This is the second one I’ve heard of only afterwards.

    • We are very sorry you missed the event. Our tasting events are open to the public. We advertise them on our website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. We made several posts on our site in the weeks leading up to the event, as well as several posts on our social media outlets.

      Sign up for automatic emails of every post by BWG on the right side tab of our website. Like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter and Instagram for constant updates. Next event should be in August.

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