Blood Orange Pale Ale

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, BWG made an excursion out to New York City in hopes of discovering some new whiskey and beer. We stumbled upon a curious looking local brew boldly titled Blood Orange Pale Ale. Normally, summer style fruit beer is not a favorite of ours due to its inherent sweetness, but we decided to give this local beer a shot – And we were instantly impressed by this unique ale.IMG_2702
Blood Orange Pale Ale is flavorful, bright and as crisp as any beer gets. Its blood orange flavor is obvious and tasty and not even remotely close to being overly sweet. That unique flavor marriages perfectly with the hoppy tartness of a pale ale. The only thing better than this beer was discovering the brewery that created it was located less than ten miles away from where we were staying. Needless to say, the next day we drove out for a visit.IMG_2707
Great South Bay Brewery is a new microbrewery located on the south shore of Long Island. We were greeted by assistant brewer Jon Gomez who talked in length with us about Great South Bay, their beers, upbringing and goals. We sampled three different types of their beer in addition to the Blood Orange Pale Ale – The Massive IPA, the Blonde Ambition Blonde Ale and the Robert Moses Pale Ale.IMG_2700
Each beer was excellent with a distinct crisp freshness and a full rounded flavor. As of this posting, Great South Bay is only available on draft from the brewery and local restaurants and beer stores. But they are currently in the process of bottling their beer for distribution. Hopefully, their beers will be hitting the stores and bars here in Western New York very soon. Blood Orange Pale Ale – Rating: 93/100.    
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2 Responses to Blood Orange Pale Ale

  1. Interesting. If I hit NYC again soon I’ll see if the Ginger Man is pouring that. I had Elysian’s version earlier tonight – Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale. It was a reasonably good and balanced pale but not much in the way of real orange/citrus flavor. Cool label though.


    • The citrus in the Great South Bay shines throughout, it’s not a sweet citrus, but a tart orange grapefruity type flavor, once again, perfectly balanced with the flavors inherent in a pale ale. Highly recommend.

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