Lockhouse Distillery

IMG_2760Since learning that Buffalo would soon have its first working distillery since prohibition -and that we’d soon be able to enjoy spirits and whiskey made in our own hometown, BWG has been overflowing with joy. Lockhouse Distillery is located off Elmwood Ave. in North Buffalo. Earlier this week, BWG stopped into Lockhouse, talked with president and distiller Niko Georgiadis, took a tour and sampled some of their product. IMG_2758

IMG_2748 Lockhouse spirits are handmade from high quality, locally grown ingredients. Their vodka, which will be their first available spirit, is made from grapes, not corn or grain. Lockhouse Vodka is light, soft and has an almost refreshing quality. It’s smooth and easy drinking – something we would most certainly replace a foreign vodka for in a martini, or vodka/cranberry.IMG_2757

IMG_2746We were also able to sample an un-aged white whiskey they are working on, which had a clean and interesting flavor. Currently, Lockhouse is in the initial stages of creating their own barrel-aged whiskey. This whiskey won’t be available until late 2014, or 2015, but BWG will be following the process and keeping you updated on when we’ll be able to sample Buffalo’s only locally made whiskey.IMG_2752Lockhouse Vodka is right on the cusp of being available in local restaurants and stores. They’re just waiting for final approval of their labels from the Federal Government. Once approval arrives, you’ll be seing their product in local bar menus from places like Vera’s and Black Rock Kitchen, as well as local farmer’s markets and liquor stores. The distillery will also be open for tastings, product purchasing and tours. If what we’ve sampled so far is any indication, Lockhouse will be putting out quality products for us Buffalo locals to enjoy for years to come…

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3 Responses to Lockhouse Distillery

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  2. Bill Czerwiec says:

    When is the true release date on the vodka. I want some of what will be a sellout!!

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