Ardbeg Galileo

IMG_2798Among whisky enthusiasts, Ardbeg is a name world renowned for making excellent peaty, smokey whiskies. Annually, Ardbeg releases a new single edition bottling that is unleashed on the whisky world with an unending cavalcade of marketing and hype. In 2012 Ardbeg Galileo was bottled and named for its marketing schtick as being the first whisky to exit the Earth’s atmosphere. Galileo accompanied a Texas based space research company called NanoRacks into space. The marketing ploy seems a bit much, but if the whiskey held up at our tasting this past weekend, BWG agreed to give Ardbeg a pass. A strong backbone of smoke and peat anchors the Galileo’s nose underneath a steady flow of mandarin honey, floral peppercorn and weathered oak. The palate is very light with a modest bite and a unique grappa type taste. This Islay scotch was aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-marsala wine casks, and there’s a perfectly balanced punch of the two as you continue to delve into the Galileo. Its finish brings back the peat with a silky and lasting smokey glow. Atypical and complex, this whiskey is worth every penny – as well as the space-whisky marketing scheme. Make sure you add this limited edition Ardbeg to your collection before they launch off the store shelves for good… Locally available for $100. Rating: 94/100

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