The Irishman

20130812-143717.jpgThe Irishman Pub and Eatery is located at 5601 Main Street in the heart of Williamsville, a close suburb of Buffalo. Over 30 choices of scotch, bourbon and Irish whisky await you at the bar. Along with the whiskey selection, there are Irish favorites on tap and live bands to enjoy while sipping on your drink of choice.


20130812-144022.jpgThe Irishman is laden with old-world style, intricate wood and stone work and a comfortable atmosphere designed to harken to the new style Irish pubs in the motherland.

20130812-144130.jpgAfter spending a few minutes talking to Maria and Tessa, the Irishman’s managers, BWG sat down for a bite and a dram. A steak special with a whiskey-butter sauce and their staple Reuben sandwich hit the spot. After scouring the whiskey menu, we picked a few single malts we’ve been wanting to try. Everything was typically priced with healthy portions.


20130812-144451.jpgOverall there’s not much to complain about at The Irishman; attentive staff, good food, lots of whiskey and a lively, fun atmosphere. Our only mild gripe would be that albeit the whiskey selection is large, it’s a bit typical. However, next time you’re out and about looking for a fun place to have a dram, you won’t go unsatisfied at The Irishman…

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