Big Ditch Brewing Co.

Buffalo’s craft beer scene has been steadily growing over the last few years. In fact, Western NY is poised to have at least five new breweries and brew houses open up by 2015. BWG recently got to meet and interview one of these versioning Buffalo breweries, Big Ditch Brewing Co. BWG talked with head brewers Matt and Corey as they were in the process of tweaking the recipes of one of their beers. IMG_2862Their vision for Big Ditch is one of quality beers with a penchant for uniqueness and a lean towards local ingredients. Big Ditch has recently secured a location for their brewery and are currently working through the process of all the legalities needed to open. They are hoping to open their brewery to the public by early 2014.IMG_2861 It was a very cool experience for BWG to be able to witness the inner workings of this brewing company in its early stages. We plan on doing a full feature on the brewery and all the Big Ditch beers as it opens. As for the beer itself, we tasted an early version of what they were working on during our interview. A Belgian style blonde ale made with peaches. This ale will eventually be in Big Ditch’s regular line up. It was fresh, dry, bright – a tasty, summery, type beer. It had a smooth, citrusy yeast taste that wonderfully masked its rather high 7.4% abv. IMG_2863This Belgian blonde was just in need of a little more of the peach flavor they were going for – which was exactly what they were tweaking in the recipe. We can’t wait to taste and compare the final version of this beer once Big Ditch opens, as well as all the other styles they’ll be offering. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for news about their opening. BWG will definitely see you there…

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