Summer Whisky Cocktail

20130823-082846.jpgThe Mamie Taylor cocktail is a delicious thirst quenching whisky drink that’s easy to make and simple enough for any home bar. Allegedly, this drink was created for a famous turn of the 20th century opera singer of the same name by a Rochester, NY bartender.

• highball glass with ice
• 2 oz. blended whisky (we used Compass Box Great King St. Artist’s Blend)
• 4 – 6 oz. ginger beer (we used Saranac ginger beer)
• juice of 1/4 lime
• lime wedge for garnish

Pour whisky and lime juice into highball glass. Add ginger beer, stir. Garnish with lime. Simple, tasty, effective. The Mamie Taylor whisky cocktail should bring the summer to a close nicely…

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