Gates Circle Liquors and Wines


BWG’s ongoing exploration of the local whiskey scene has brought us to the wonderful Gates Circle Liquor and Wines on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. Gates Circle, a family run business, has been providing spirits and wines to the Buffalo public since just after prohibition. They offer an excellent selection of whiskey, from scotch, to Irish whiskey, to American craft distilled whiskies, to the largest in-store selection of bourbon we’ve ever seen.


20130826-133505.jpgAnd if Gates Circle doesn’t have what you’re looking for on their shelves, they’ll order it in for you. Beyond whiskey, they offer a large array of local and internationally produced wines, as well as a diverse and unique spirit selection.

20130826-133708.jpgGates Circle’s customer service is friendly and attentive. From the owners, to the managers on down, the Gates Circle crew are all extremely knowledgeable about everything they carry. Even going as far as frequently tasting exclusive samples of whiskey and spirits from distilleries and distributors to hand pick which products are sold in-store.


20130826-133859.jpgBWG is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Gates Circle. All the whiskey and spirits reviewed on our site will be available for purchase at the Gates Circle store and/or can be purchased from their website. Next time you’re thinking of adding to your whiskey collection, stocking your home bar, or building up your wine cellar, do what the Buffalo Whiskey Guild does and make a stop at Gates Circle Liquors and Wines.

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