The Laddie 10

20130903-142942.jpgAs previously stated, Bruichladdich is one of BWG’s favorite distilleries and over the last year we began the long and costly endeavor of collecting the bottles in their extremely vast and ever-changing line of whiskies. This is partly due to the fact that almost every Bruichladdich we’ve tried is excellent (as of this writing we’re up to 14) and partly due to their eye-pleasing packaging and design – it just looks so damn good sitting proudly in the liquor cabinet. We decided to review their baseline staple expression, The Laddie 10. This whisky is a wonderfully tasty combination of salt and sweet. The Laddie 10 has been aged 90% in oak casks and 10% in cherry casks. The result is a mellow, lemon zest laden, salty sea breeze filled, caramel and vanilla soaked good time. This is not the most amazing whisky of all time, but it’s complex enough to keep your attention with every sip, affordable enough to be a staple in your home bar and tasty enough to keep you buying more. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquor for $55. Rating: 91/100.

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