Balcones True Blue

20130909-182817.jpgBalcones is a new Texas craft distillery that been completely blowing up the whiskey world. Their highly rated line of whiskies range from corn based whiskies, to American single malts, to oak-smoked whiskies. In Balcones’ five year lifespan and as of this writing, they’ve amassed 40 national and international awards for their exceptional products. The first Balcones whiskey to cross BWG’s path is the True Blue 100 proof. True Blue is made from Atole, a Hopi blue corn meal. This whiskey is vibrantly well crafted from beginning to end. The nose gives you a vast corn field covered in sweet maple. This expressive sweetness is contrasted by a medicinal type smell and a pleasant hint of smoke. The True blue hits your palate like a crisp piece of dark chocolate covered maple-smoked bacon. The finish features all the corn and chocolate flavors while steadily fading into glory in true American fashion. This 100 proof whiskey has a very raw, yet refined all around feel and can easily be enjoyed all night long. Its flavor profiles make it an excellent potential pairing both with a spicy savory dish and a chocolaty-sweet dessert dish. Balcones offers three different versions of their True Blue label and at affordable price points ($50-$60 for most), it’s an absolute must to try them all. Balcones True Blue 100 proof is locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $60. Rating: 92/100

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