Buffalo Trace

20130916-151643.jpgBuffalo Trace is a 200 year old American whiskey maker who’s product has won countless awards. From their unique specialty whiskies, to their flagship archetypal Kentucky straight bourbon, Buffalo Trace is to date, the world’s most decorated distillery. BWG’s new partner, Gates Circle Liquors stocks bottles of hand-picked Buffalo Trace bourbon. What does that mean exactly? It means that Buffalo Trace sends Gates Circle samples to be compared and contrasted. Once the good folks at Gates Circle determine which sample is deemed best of the bunch, the entire barrel is ordered, bottled and delivered to their store.

20130916-151808.jpgBWG, along with Gates Circle sampled their current Buffalo Trace hand-picked stock. This Kentucky strait bourbon is wonderfully robust and complex. It’s a field of corn and a sweet countryside apple orchard. It’s oaky and smokey on the back end and finishes with a raw, natural feel. We then compared this to their next exclusive bottling – and we were all in agreement – this one was even better. The cornfield has been replaced by maple-sugar covered oak. It’s smoother, more mellow and a building spice adds another layer of complexity missing from the other sample. This whiskey is excellently balanced and more refined from nose to finish. It was amazing to experience the difference back to back with the Buffalo Trace samples. They both have distinct similarities and obvious differences.

20130916-151931.jpgOne thing for us is clear, after comparing both Gates Circle Buffalo Trace bourbons to a regular, non-hand picked Buffalo Trace sample, the disparity in the quality was staggering. Being the same price as regular Buffalo Trace bottles, the Gates Circle exclusive bottles are an unarguable and unconditional must purchase. From novice whiskey drinkers, to advanced whiskey lovers, a minuscule investment in these hand-picked whiskies will broaden the depth of your bourbon appreciation. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon available exclusively at Gates Circle Liquors for $26. Current bottle rating: 90/100. Next bottle rating: 91/100.

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  1. bobstroup says:

    Reblogged this on Bob's Backyard Budget Beverages and commented:
    This is a great mid-level sippin’ bourbon, about $25/750mL

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