Laphroaig 18

IMG_3372For BWG October equals changing leaves, pumpkin pie, tweed jackets, cool evenings and warm fires. Smokey whiskies are now in season and we thought an excellent place to start would be with one of the kings of smoke, Laphroaig. Since 1815, Laphroaig has been famous for creating rich, pungent, smokey scotches. Because of this strong, unapologetic flavor, Laphroaig is usually not for the novice whisky drinker. But once acquiring a taste for the powerful smoke, Laphroaig will most certainly be a staple in your liquor cabinet. The Laphroiag 18 is as smooth as a smokey Islay whisky gets. Citrus, honey and toffee waft around beneath a warm quilt of peat smoke. A touch of water does to this single malt, what a master tailor does to an Armani suit. Already beautiful, it is now a work of art. Sea salt, and a bouquet of flowers beget another layer amongst the toffee and smoke. It finishes balanced between a lingering fire and a soft sweetness. The price tag is the only draw back to this whisky. $120 is just a tad expensive to keep the Laphroaig 18 on your shelf, if only because it disappears so quick… Locally available. Rating 92/100

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