The Young Americans Pt. 1

IMG_3009American whiskey has long been dominated by the massive commercial brand and now, with the recent surge in popularity of whiskey, exceptional small and aspiring craft distillers have the means to get their product in front of whiskey drinkers that were previously unobtainable. BWG has decided to create an ongoing feature that highlights some of these exceptional American whiskies, aptly titled, “The Young Americans.” Our first whiskey comes from a brand better known for its beer. Rogue is a famous brewing company in Portland Oregon that has been championing the craft beer movement since 1989. In 2003 they decided to add spirits to their unique and popular line of beers. Their Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is artisan distilled in small batches using traditional hand-crafted copper pot stills. Rogue grows the malting barley used in making the Oregon Single Malt on its own, all natural farm. This whiskey is aged for a meager three months in oak barrels. It’s very soft and pleasant on the nose with oak, fresh pine and asian type spices. The palate is oak with various spice and it has a short almost peppermint finish. For being such a young whiskey the balance is wonderful. A little bit of wood and a little bit of spice make this simple, tasty, easy drinking Rogue single malt a perfect entry level American whiskey. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $54. Rating 88/100.

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