IMG_3435Hutch’s restaurant is a Buffalo fine dining favorite that has been steadily serving the local community for years. BWG learned that Hutch’s has recently overhauled the identity of their bar to that of a whisky leaning. Naturally, we had to see for ourselves to what extent their whisky leaning was. To our surprise and joy we found that their new bar is not just whisky leaning, but is whisky dominant. There are over 60 different whiskies to wet your whistle with – from scotch, to craft whisky, to everything in between – there is something for every taste and palate…IMG_3440

IMG_3465The drink menu has transformed in kind, featuring whisky-centric cocktails. Hutch’s bartender Alex, whipped together a house specialty for us. The traditional Sazerac, made with rye whiskey and absinth. Smooth and sweet, sort of like an old fashioned without the ice, we loved it…IMG_3478

IMG_3487With floor to ceiling brick, softly lit candles and large cherry wood shelves lining the bar area…IMG_3436…to the eclectic, retro-style artwork hanging on the walls. To the solid craft beer selection on tap. To the soft jazz, casually filling the room…IMG_3502Hutch’s has successfully created a cozy, comfortable and enjoyable place for local whisky lovers to enjoy their favorite drink. It feels just right as a bona fide Buffalo whisky bar. We can only hope more Buffalo area restaurants and bars follow suit. Until then, BWG can be found at Hutch’s, enjoying a dram…IMG_3462




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3 Responses to Hutch’s

  1. Ron Lemin says:

    Need to check this place out the next time we are in town. Love the Corsair triple smoke.

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