Aurora Brew Works

IMG_3417In our humble opinion, there cannot be enough places to get good craft beer. Weather it be bars, or stores – the more the merrier. Aurora Brew Works decided – most uniquely and most ingeniously – to be both. This awesome hybrid of a beer bar and a beer store has a comfortably modern, laid back atmosphere and is nestled the in the heart one of the wonderfully quaint Western NY country villages.IMG_3396

IMG_3382Take a second and wrap your brain around the idea of sipping on a fresh pint of your favorite brew, while scouring endless shelves of craft beer in search of something tempting to buy.IMG_3381

IMG_3377Say you find something you’ve been dying to try, but its room temp and you don’t want to wait until you get home to put the beers in the fridge. Aurora Brew Works has a blast chiller on hand to quickly cool your selection down to the proper temp. You can take it home ready to drink, or for instant satisfaction, you can have it opened and poured for you right there at the bar.IMG_3405In addition to the bar and store, there’s a street side patio, leather couches to relax on, tables with board games, and food trucks outside at the ready.IMG_3413BWG recommends taking a scenic day trip to East Aurora.  stopping in at Aurora Brew Works, trying a few good craft beers and taking home a few more…IMG_3386

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4 Responses to Aurora Brew Works

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  2. SipSavorSee says:

    I was visiting family in East Aurora when I cam to Aurora Brew Works in search of some Buffalonian Brewed beers to bring back for my boyfriend. Everyone was very helpful, and it looked like a great place to stop and have a drink someday! Glad they are getting publicity through you!

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