The Young Americans Pt. 2

IMG_3018Continuing our Young Americans feature, BWG would be amiss if we somehow omitted Whisky Advocate Magazine’s “Artisan Whiskey of the Year.” The Corsair Triple Smoke is a craft whiskey made by smoking malted barley with cherry wood, peat, and beechwood. It is pot distilled and barrel-aged in new charred American oak for an undisclosed amount of time. High praise from dozens of food and drink publications sighting Corsair’s fantastic, deftly crafted and boisterous whiskies, set the bar rather high for us as we sampled Triple Smoke. Not only did Triple Smoke reach the bar, it rocketed right over it. All three methods of smoked barley distinctly come through on the nose, palate and finish. On the nose, a charming beechwood smoked slab of bacon firmly grasps your attention. Peat smoke flavors ensue on the palate with hints of cherries and fruit. A mild and creamy mouth feel, mixed with distinct and muscular flavors make this whiskey a fun fusion of old and new world. The finish brings up some peppercorn and is nicely bookended by a lingering beechwood fire. Adding Triple Smoke to your home collection is most certainly a non-question. Locally available from Gates Circle Liquors for $56. Rating: 90/100.

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7 Responses to The Young Americans Pt. 2

  1. I told a whiskey-fan friend that Triple Smoke was like drinking a rack of ribs (in a good way).

    • Yes, def has that BBQ flavor. We found it mostly to be on the nose, giving way to the more classic peat smoke on the palate and a clean beechwood on the finish. Loved how it cycled through those flavors.

  2. sfbartender says:

    I couldn’t get into this at all, reminded me of most craft whiskey, bad soap/tequila taste to it

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