Warlock Imperial Stout

IMG_3714Happy Halloween from everyone at BWG. We thought it would be fitting to celebrate the darkest of holidays by reviewing a seasonal stout by local brewing monolith, Southern Tier Brewing Company. In 2013, Southern Tier breeched the list of top 50 US breweries in both sales and rating. This year they increased production by 40% and after tasting their excellent, flavor packed brews, it’s easy to see why. Warlock Imperial Stout is the newly created dark cousin to Southern Tier’s famous Pumking Imperial Ale first released in 2007. This flavor oozing stout is light and smooth. The nose is a chocolate hazelnut covered pumpkin. The palate gives you seasonal spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and finishes with savory roasted pumpkin. This halloween-time stout is less vibrantly pumpkin pie than its lighter, older cousin, but its flavors are a welcome contrast that we hope gets a regular release… Locally available as long as supplies last. Rating: 90/100.

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1 Response to Warlock Imperial Stout

  1. Loved this stuff. Favorite new Pumpkin Beer I had this fall so far.

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