The Young Americans Pt. 3

IMG_3581Clear Creek Distillery is an Oregon based company that has been producing artisan versions of traditional European spirits for over 28 years. They manufacture a wide variety of spirits which include eaux de vie, grappas, pot stilled brandy, liqueurs and single malt whiskey. McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is designed to be an American replicant of peated Islay single malt scotch. It’s creation was directly influenced by Lagavulin 16. Clear Creek makes the whiskey by importing peat-malted Scottish barley and it is aged in dry, Oregon oak barrels for three years. Due to high praise by major spirit publications and to the fact that it’s produced in very small batches, McCarthy’s Single Malt is very difficult to procure. Distributor, store and distillery waiting lists are often the only way one can get their hands one of these peated whiskies. We were only able to acquire this highly sought after whiskey due to one of the BWG brain trust vacationing in Oregon this past august. He took a trip to the distillery and put his name on the waiting list. Lucky enough for us, Clear Creek was bottling their next batch in September. Like kids on Christmas morning, we waited in earnest for September to arrive and our presents to be delivered.IMG_3726The nose is round, earthy and grassy. Wild honey suckle wafts over a peaty fire like a smoked honey comb. The palate is very gentle and smooth, with a bright, capacious mouth feel. The flavors are firmly peaty and earthy, with more honey and grass. The finish is so warm, like a bon fire on the cusp of being too hot. We added a touch of water that brought a floral bouquet and leather varnish to the nose, but numbed and diluted the palate – not a trade worth making. Unfortunately this whiskey is currently sold out. You can contact Clear Creek to inquire when the next batch will be available. If you can manage to get a bottle of McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt, we strongly urge you to make the investment in time, energy and money. Rating 92/100.       

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