Hurd Orchards

IMG_3799Over this past summer friends introduced BWG to a beautiful little place in Holley, NY called Hurd Orchards. Hurd Orchards is a family owned fruit and flower farm and canning company. They operate a road side country-style store and a host all kinds of events including weddings and farm to table dinner tastings. Once we learned of their Thanksgiving themed dinner tastings held every weekend in November – and the fact that Hurd Orchards doesn’t have a liquor license and we could bring our own drinks for the tasting – we made our reservations post-haste.IMG_3738

IMG_3743To say the folks at Hurd Orchards put a lot of time and effort into the design and atmosphere of their facility would be a hideous understatement. Our pictures do not do the place justice. For more detailed information about our evening in Hurd Orchard’s store, barn and their awesome atmosphere, click to link to Buffalo’s lifestyle and fashion blog, Buffalo Dandy.IMG_3776


IMG_3754The Thanksgiving tasting was a 23 course meal that used Hurd Orchard’s all natural produce to prepare an old-world Americana style dinner. The menu included savory courses like lamb curry with green tomato mincemeat and pumpkin leek prosciutto tart, to sweet courses like a sour cream pear pie with plum pear jam and caramel apple cheese cake. Everything was as delectable as it sounds and being able to pair our own picks of beer, wine and whisky with the dinner made the experience absolutely perfect.IMG_3782We paired two different Six Point ales with the appetizer round. Six Point is a brewery based in Brooklyn whose craft beers are bright, tasty and always true to form. We chose their core IPA interpretation called Bengali Tiger, a wonderfully crisp, hoppy and easy drinking beer, along with their seasonal harvest ale aptly titled Autumnation. We loved the dry hoppy character of this beer and it’s style fit very well with the Thanksgiving themed dinner.IMG_3833We paired San Leonardo Villa Gresti 2003, a northern Italian merlot blend with the entrees. Its tart cherry, earthy wood and leathery type flavors were a perfect contrast to the sweet elements in dishes like the ham and apple pie and the roasted turkey with sour cherry conserve.IMG_3826The Balvenie 15 was the after dinner pairing. Its peppery, ginger spice and sweet oaky flavors were a fine compliment to dessert dishes like the apple pear and quince jelly tart and apple pumpkin brown Betty with maple syrup.IMG_3832We can’t recommend The Thanksgiving tasting at Hurd Orchards enough. The food was unique and delicious. The drinks were excellent and fitting. The atmosphere was incredibly beautiful and quaint. And the time spent in the company of good people and great friends made the night most certainly a night to remember. We urge anybody who is able, to check out Hurd Orchards and do the same…IMG_3824*Our next post will be a more detailed feature on the drinks we paired with the dinner, along with their availability and ratings.

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