The Balvenie Single Barrel 15

IMG_3832Finishing up our posts on the Hurd Orchards dinner tasting, we close with the dessert round whisky pairing. We chose a Speyside whisky which tend to be light, rich and sweet. We thought that combination would coalesce well with the fresh, fruit-heavy desserts on the Hurd Orchards menu. The Balvenie Single Barrel 15 is a scotch whisky made from single fill oak barrels and is bottled at cask strength. The nose is vanilla sweet, with ripe pear and lots of oak. There is a pizza dough, ginger spice and peppery essence on the palate. All these flavors are way too much until you cut them with a rather hefty amount of water. Water smooths out all these strong flavors and creates a fantastic, silky mouth feel. A vanilla pepper finish rides this silky whisky to a long end. This 15 year old scotch was built to be cut with water – and with that water, it pairs well with sweet, fruit-heavy desserts quite nicely… Available at Gates Circle Liquors for $90. Rating: 89/100

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