Update: Lockhouse Distillery

IMG_4107Back in July, BWG featured Lockhouse Distillery, Buffalo’s first working distillery since prohibition. At the time, Lockhouse was not yet open, just awaiting label approval from the federal government. Well, approval finally came and on black Friday Lockhouse opened its doors to the public with bottles of Buffalo-made vodka ready for sale – their stock lasted a mere two hours before selling out…IMG_4125BWG stopped back into Lockhouse to chat with master distiller Niko Georgiadis about their current vodka goings-on and their impending whiskey distilling. Niko said that the feedback they’ve gotten so far about their Niagara grape-distilled vodka has been amazing. They literally can’t make it fast enough. As far as the whiskey goes, Lockhouse has ordered 40 charred American white oak barrels which should be delivered any day now. As soon as they come in, Lockhouse will get right to work on perfecting their formula for creating their whiskey – which they hope to have available by this time next year.IMG_4126

IMG_4121Lockhouse will be open on Saturday, December 14th at noon with approximately 600 bottles of vodka for sale. $35 per bottle including tax. Due to high demand and limited quantities, there is a limit of two bottles per person.

BWG will check back in with Niko and Lockhouse sometime this coming spring when they’ll be releasing their Buffalo-made gin! Cheers!IMG_4117



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2 Responses to Update: Lockhouse Distillery

  1. Ellen says:

    Amazing product! You guys are gonna be BIG!!! I must say it was a pleasure meeting you – so down to earth. Stay focused , visualize where your going, and get there!

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