Bourbon Eggnog

IMG_4069With the mountain of booze laced eggnog recipes out there, BWG takes the simple road toward helping you decide what kind of eggnog to serve at your next holiday party. First things first – Bourbon is the best pairing for eggnog, period. Do not commit the egregious error of using (gasp) vodka in your eggnog, lest you prefer your nog boring and watery. Some classic renditions call for brandy, this too, however, is a mistake. Cheap brandy is mostly singular in flavor and does not always compliment the traditional flavors and spices found in eggnog. Due to its complex notes of maple, cinnamon and nutmeg – the only true companion for eggnog is most assuredly, bourbon.

Bourbon Eggnog

In a tumbler glass, stir…

6 0z. – Eggnog

1 0z. – Bourbon

add a dash of nutmeg and a dash of cloves. Enjoy.

It doesn’t get any more simple and it doesn’t taste any more delicious. Cheers.

*We used Upstate Farms Eggnog due to its perfect thickness and texture. We also used Elijah Craig 12 year old Straight Bourbon because of its solid flavor profiles and because if your using a whiskey to make a cocktail, you don’t want it to break the bank. Elijah Craig 12 – $27. 

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