BWG’s 2013 Craft Beer of the Year

IMG_4224Heady Topper is a double IPA made by The Alchemist, a small brewing company in Waterbury Vermont. In 2003 The Alchemist started out as a brew pub which featured several small-batch beers, among which was Heady Topper. Over the last 10 years Heady Topper became so popular that The Alchemist began canning the highly sought after beer and now, due to massive demand and incredibly high industry praise, Heady Topper is currently the only beer they produce and sell. The Alchemist brews their world renown craft beer as a showcase for the complex flavors and aromas of the six different varieties of hops they use to create Heady Topper.IMG_4175From the moment you crack open the can, complex aromas of citrus and pine intoxicate your senses, like diving into a vast lake of fresh cut hops. The palate piles on more flavors of grapefruit, pine, citrus and spice – but what truly embodies this beer’s excellence, is its balance. The vibrant flavors are evenly mixed with a pleasant bitterness, perfect carbonation, tasty malt, a medium-light mouth feel and a not too dry, not too sweet, crisp finish. For being an intensely flavored 8% abv. double IPA, Heady Topper is so easy to drink it’s scary. The only upsetting thing about this awesome beer is that one can only get it in Vermont. The Alchemist doesn’t distribute out of state, so if you have a friend or relative in or around Vermont, ask them – no, make them get you BWG’s 2013 Craft Beer of the Year, Heady Topper. Only available through Vermont vendors, $16 per 4-pack of 16oz cans. Rating 97/100.

*Next Week we’ll be announcing BWG’s 2013 Whiskey of the Year…

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