Talisker Storm

IMG_4234The trend for many Scottish distilleries over the last several years has been to annually release a unique special edition whisky. In the middle of last year, Talisker’s 2013 special release hit the market. It just now became available in Western New York and as soon as it was, BWG jumped on the chance to sample it. This special release is titled “Storm” to convey a more aggressive and intense bottling than what is available in Talisker’s regular line up (BWG held a Talisker whisky tasting back in June of last year which you can read here). Sadly, for us, Talisker Storm did not quite live up to its name. Touted on the Talisker website for having a more vibrant, smokey nature than its regularly available counterparts, the Storm does nave more of a smokey nature, just not an exceedingly good one. The smoke is more of a simplistic charred oak type flavor that turns a bit sour through the finish. The nose is more classic Talisker with sea salt and oak. The palate has that moderate smoke, but finishes bluntly, missing that signature peppery flavor usually associated with Talisker. It’s not that this whisky is bad, it’s that it’s not as good as any of the regular, more affordable Talisker whiskies we’ve tried. At a hefty $80 price tag, the hype surrounding Talisker Storm is not worth the purchase. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors. Rating: 82/100

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4 Responses to Talisker Storm

  1. Erik Gnann says:

    Interesting read. I suppose that making the jump from travel retail to domestic retail markets is only an indication of popularity, not necessarily quality . Maybe the “Dark Storm” will provide a more enjoyable yet different Talisker experience, although I find that many limited releases leave me wanting more. Thanks for the review.


  2. Briggs SWC says:

    Disappointing. Talisker 10 is such a standard for me. Maybe I’ll stick to that for now.

    • If you haven’t yet, try Talisker 57 North. It’s a cask strength whisky similar to the 10. It has the same peppery, oaky Talisker goodness, just with a complex sweetness added to the party… A def recommended buy for Talisker lovers, cheers.

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