Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

glenmo_qGlenmorangie is a distillery famous for specializing in “finishing” whiskies, sometimes referred to as “extra maturation”. A process where after the whisky ages for the majority of its life in one type of barrel (or cask), it is then transported to a different kind of barrel for a various amount of time. The idea being that “finishing” the whisky in assorted types of wood imparts additional, diverse and contrasting flavors to the whisky. Finishing whisky in port wine barrels imparts a sweeter flavor profile. Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban is aged in American white oak barrels for 10 years then finished for an undisclosed amount of time in Portuguese port wine casks. It has a pleasantly sweet nose predominantly of oak and chocolate, with a hint of citrus. Vanilla, citrus and a wee bit of that chocolate are on the palate. It finishes in short, simple fashion. This is not a complex whisky, unlike its process of production may infer. It’s moderate price may warrant a purchase, or a taste at a restaurant or bar, but there are certainly better port cask whiskies out there… Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $53. Rating: 84/100 

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