Balcones Brimstone

Brim_closeBrimstone is Balcones’ very unique take on smoked whisky. Most smoked whiskies are made by smoking the grain before distillation. But Balcones achieves the distinctive smoke flavor found in Brimstone by smoking the whisky after distillation. They do not explain the particulars of their process, but they do say that the whisky is smoked with a sun-baked Texas scrub oak fire. After the smoking process, Brimstone is then aged in lightly charred American white oak barrels before being bottled and labeled all by hand. From nose to finish, the Brimstone’s bbq style charcoal smoke is loud and boisterous. The nose has bbq, pepper-seasoned meat and a touch of brown sugar. The palate gets a little sweeter with syrup-covered bbq’d corn and seared brown sugar. The finish is again, what you’d think with more bbq, pepper and charcoal. This whisky definitely has that love it, or hate it kind of vibe going on. Our complaint mostly lays with the redundancy of flavors. The brashness of the overbold bbq and brown sugar can also tend pull down its drinkability. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $56. Rating: 85/100.

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