Update: Més Que

mes_wide1BWG made it out to Més Que last Friday to watch the USA vs. Canada Olympic hockey game. The Hertel Ave. bar was packed with hockey fans decked out in red white and blue. The atmosphere was awesome with the whole bar chanting “U.S.A-U.S.A.” from puck drop, to closing whistle.usa_fan

mes_groupThough the game ended up being a disappointment, our experience at Més Que was certainly anything but. We opened the first period with a few locally made brews from Community Beer Works and Southern Tier Brewing. Our lunch consisting of their seared duck breast panini and bbq onion pizza. Its was served promptly and tasted delicious.mes_pour

mes_foodAs the third period was coming to a close and USA’s chances of winning seemed bleaker and bleaker, we delved into some whiskey. We chose a flight of samples from their drink menu and ordered an American Rye that had been on our list of “must try’s”.mes_flight

taylor_closeThe service and attention from Més Que’s staff was excellent, the bartenders, the servers and Més Que’s friendly and accomodating manager Greg Nicotera, made our afternoon thoroughly enjoyable. BWG will definitely be making Més Que a more frequent social destination. We recommend that you do too, cheers.

*Follow Més Que on Facebook and Twitter for constant event, menu and drink updates.

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