Hudson Whiskey Single Malt

IMG_4241Hudson Whiskies are produced by Tuthilltown Distillery in Gardiner New York. They have a line of five different whiskies that includes a single malt variety. BWG is always interested in American variations of the single malt style and were excited to try a New York made version of one. Tuthilltown uses 100% whole-ground malted barley in making their single malt and pot-distills it, one small batch at a time. Its aged in new charred American oak and wax-top bottled at 46% abv. The Hudson Single Malt‘s deep amber color looks wonderful in the glass and puts off aromatic notes of sweet, raw grains. Dried fruits mixed with fresh, grassy, charred-barley type flavors make up a pleasant palate and mouth feel. The finish is long and dry, with a wee bit of minty spice. We love the labeling on the Hudson Whiskey’s fun little grenade shaped bottles – but that’s also its one big negative. The Hudson Single Malt is quite expensive for such a small bottle (375 ml). We really liked this New York made whiskey, but just wish it was more affordable and/or came in a larger bottle. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $46. Rating: 87/100.

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