Angel’s Envy

envyAngel’s Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is one of the most highly rated and highly hyped bourbons on the market. Each hand-blended batch consists of 8-12 barrels. It is aged for up to 6 years in charred American white oak and finished in port wine casks. There is no set time for the finishing process in creating Angel’s Envy. Each barrel is matured purely to taste. Due to the professional and fan hype built up around Angel’s Envy, BWG was extremely excited to try it – and hype be damned – Angel’s Envy is as good, if not better than we expected. On the nose, baked cinnamon dough laced with paprika, toffee and maple is just incredible. The palate is equally as delicious, with vanilla, cinnamon dusted berries and a softly woven underlying spice. The mouth feel is silky smooth, layered and textured. The finish warmly brings in some of the port wine flavors and fades perfectly – like the closing credits to an excellent movie. Angel’s Envy is elegantly balanced, absurdly smooth and made with a deft finesse not often seen in bourbons. Its affordable price tag is worth more than what you get in the bottle. Rating: 95/100.

*Angel’s Envy Bourbon is now available in Western NY! Purchase this excellent whiskey at Gates Circle Liquors for $50.

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10 Responses to Angel’s Envy

  1. We have one bottle available at Passport Wine & Spirits. $100. First come, first serve.

  2. Wow! A port finish bourbon. I would so love to try this. Any idea whether they export?

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  5. I just got back from vacation in St. Louis, my home town. They sell Angel’s Envy in freakin’ grocery stores. Buffalo is sadly out of the loop.

  6. Bigger cities must get better distribution of scarcer bourbons. I saw bottles of Angel’s Envy and W.L. Weller 12 everywhere in St. Louis.

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  8. Thanks so much for the kind review and selection of Angel’s Envy as the Guild’s Whiskey of the Year. Honored and humbled! Wes Henderson, Angels Envy

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