Bunnahabhain 18

bun_18Bunnahabhain is a smaller Islay distillery that has been in production since 1881. They create one of the least peaty whiskies from the Scottish region of Islay, which is know for their robust peat smoked whiskies. Bunnahabhain (pronounced boon-a-havin) whiskies are generally lighter in feel, flavor and texture, than their Islay counterparts. Their 18 year old single malt is aged in American bourbon and Spanish cherry casks. The nose starts off with a mix of salt and sweet. Butter seared sea scallops mixed with ripe pears. The 46.3% abv. is lean and muscular on the palate with a strange evolving arrangement of sweet fruity cereal and a solid punch of oak.  Toward the finish, the oak turns into more of a dank, heavy, earthy woody flavor. The journey of this 18 year old single malt concludes with a graceful, spicy smoked oak finish. We rather enjoyed this chameleon of a whisky. But at this price point, its ever changing nuance of flavors may be lost on the whisky novice. Locally available for $106. Rating: 90/100.

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2 Responses to Bunnahabhain 18

  1. G-LO says:

    Been thinking about picking this up at some point. I’m sure I’ve had it in my travels but am not really sure.I absolutely adore the 12, so this is definitely on my shopping list.

    Great shot and review!


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