Crabapples Micro Brew Pub

crab_1Crabapples Micro Brew Pub located just outside of Buffalo, is considered one of the premier local destinations for craft beer. Just two years ago, principal owner Peter Orfanos, or “Brewmaster Pete,” as know by Crabapple regulars, took a basic 10 tap, run of the mill, beer bar and turned into a 50 tap high-end craft beer Mecca. Crabapples’ mission is to bring the world of craft beer, at an affordable price and in an approachable way, to the everyday beer consumer. All of the beers on Crabapples’ rotating tap system, from the rare imports, to the locally brewed favorites are just $4 – $6 per pour.IMG_5279



IMG_5300In addition to affordability, Crabapples’ mantra is quality. Quality from the service, to the temperature of the beers, to the handpicked selection of drafts – Brewmaster Pete believes that once the “regular” beer consumer is introduced to “real” beer, in the right manner, they’ll be hooked. In essence, once you go craft, you never go back. Needless to say, BWG whole heartedly agrees with this philosophy. IMG_5312In addition to the beer, there’s something going on at Crabapples literally every night. Dart leagues, bubble hockey leagues, pool leagues and sports on a 120″ projection screen are just a few of the goings on. Joining the Apple Mug Club gives patrons of Crabapples their own personalized mug that can be brought home, or be kept behind the bar ready to be filled whenever its owner is in the mood for a brew.IMG_5280


IMG_5282 IMG_5281We love what Crabapples is all about almost as much as we love their awesome selection of beers. If you’re in the mood to try something new, want to learn about craft beer, or just want to simply drink more of it, BWG recommends Crabapples Micro Brew Pub.IMG_5295Crabapples’ exclusive barrel aged beers that inlcude, Aecht Shlenkerla Fastenbier, Raucbier and Urbock. German Franconian B Tap and Mallet casks and two year old Sierra Nevada Barley Wine Ale amongst others…


IMG_5263Crabapples’ exclusive Southern Tier tower. At any one time, Crabapples’ features 8-14 Southern Tier Brewing taps, always fresh…


IMG_5317Another Crabapples’ exclusive, the Lambic tower. Enjoy an assortment of high-end Belgian sour ales…

*To keep up on the immense rotating draft at Crabapples, like their Facebook page here. Or friend Brewmaster Pete for news and updates about everything going on at Crabapples.



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