kworksKegworks, located just north of Buffalo in the suburb of Kenmore, is a company designed for one specific concept, to empower their customers with tools for drinking.IMG_5422



IMG_5456Even though Kegworks has been in operation for 16 years and is the top manufacturer of bar rails in the United States, most Buffalo locals don’t even know what Kegworks is, much less that it’s located right in their back yard. Kegworks’ tag line tools for drinking describes what Kegworks is as perfectly as anything we can think of. Every conceivable thing needed in order to enjoy a beer, cocktail, glass of wine or dram of whiskey can be found and purchased at Kegworks. They sell the most basic drinking tools from the proper glassware, to actually building and installing full service home and commercial bars.IMG_5467


IMG_5464When it comes to beer, Kegworks sells everything from kegerators, to tap handles, to home brewing books and kits, to installing draft systems and everything in between. IMG_5428

IMG_5461If wine is more your drink, they fabricate and sell everything from wine bottle racks and stemware, to wine refrigerators. If you’re more of a cocktail person, Kegworks has every tool you’d find at a premium cocktail bar, from bartending kits to bitters, to garnishes, to mixers, to syrups – short of brewing the beer, fermenting the wine and distilling the spirits, Kegworks has a hand in literally everything you could possibly need to drink at home. IMG_5436




IMG_5450Whether you’re looking for something as simple as a whiskey nosing glass, or you’re of the mind to put in a full home bar, BWG strenuously recommends Kegworks. Here’s to supporting and buying local, cheers!

*Over the next few weeks BWG will be doing a series of features on homemade cocktails. We’ll be using bar ingredients and tools that have all been procured from Kegworks.

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