Resurgence Brewing Co.

resurg_sign With at least two new breweries opening up in 2014, Buffalo’s craft beer explosion shows no signs of slowing down. Resurgence Brewing Co. is located on Niagara Street on the northwest side of Buffalo. They are currently in the final stages of construction and hope to open some time in May.IMG_5713


IMG_5710RBC’s mission is to bring incredibly fresh, incredibly high quality beer to Buffalo in a setting designed to not just enjoy the highest quality beer, but to enjoy the highest quality experience as well.IMG_5733RBC has a wide open design, exposed vaulted ceilings and dozens of massive skylights. Their entire brewing facility is constructed to bring their customers as close to the brewing action as possible – having the brewing area, the bar and the tasting room all in the same connected space. RBC will also have an outdoor area for customers to enjoy the summer weather. They can hang out on an adjoining deck, sit at picnic tables in the beer garden, or enjoy a pint of fresh brew around open fire pits.IMG_5693



IMG_5729BWG sampled two of the brews that will be available once RBC opens. Their Loganberry Witte looks, smells and tastes like summer. Not too sweet, crisp and fresh, we could see ourselves enjoying a pint of this on a warm summer’s afternoon for sure.IMG_5734RBC’s Sponge Candy Stout is made with real Buffalo-made sponge candy and has a great balance of stout, chocolate and that one-of-a-kind sponge candy flavor without being too much, or not enough.IMG_5737After talking with the folks at RBC, checking out their place, learning about the experience they’re creating for their customers and tasting their unique beers, BWG will definitely be making RBC a regular stop once they open.resurg_bldg

*To keep up to date on RBC’s opening, sign up for their newsletter here, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. BWG will also be keeping our readers up to date on the latest RBC news, cheers!

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