The Dalmore 15

dal_15The Dalmore is a Scottish Highland distillery that produces a vast array of single malt whiskies. They boast a line up that includes everything from inexpensive entry-level whiskies, all the way up to rare and comically expensive whiskies (comically meaning upwards of $100,000). We’ll stay down here on earth and get into the second in their whisky line up, The Dalmore 15. This whisky spends 12 years aging in American bourbon barrels before being put through a three year finish in Amoroso, Apostoles and Matusalem sherry wood barrels. The result is a deep amber colored whisky with aromas of orange chocolate and malted, sherried oak. The palate has a medium, low intensity with orange zest, ginger, nutmeg and more chocolate. The finish has a distinct maltiness and the chocolate finally fades, turning into a warm roasted espresso. This whisky is base-forward and drinkable with flavors that pair well with dessert. It’s drawbacks lay with the fact that it’s not overly complex and with the mild overall flavor profiles which would benefit from a little more abv. punch (this bottling clocks in at 40%). The Dalmore 15 is locally available for $75. Rating 88/100.

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