Kilchoman Single Cask Release

Kilch_sherryBWG has had the pleasure of sampling several whiskies from the young Islay distillery Kilchoman. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Kilchoman’s innate flavor profiles and dissecting the subtle differences between bottlings. Recently, a stock of special releases by Kilchoman hit the Buffalo market, and as you might guess, BWG jumped on the first one we could get our hands on. Kilchoman’s series of Single Cask Releases brings us a sherry barrel aged bottling which was distilled on 8/11/06 and bottled on 8/12/11 at a very robust 59.8% abv. The nose is loud – just a face-full of spicy smoke and fruit. The nose definitely has a young, spirit-like maltiness to it. That raw flavor bridges right into the palate which is as spicy hot as any whisky we can remember. The sherry flavors come out on the palate along with raisins, vanilla bean and an autumn bonfire type smoke, which we’ve found is one of the Kilchoman flavor staples we love. The finish is a long, chest warming fireball of sherry and smoke. Water really calms this intense whisky, brings out more sherry flavors and lowers the volume on the raw spirit-like initial flavors you get on the nose and palate. Fans of Kilchoman’s regular whiskies – and big, smokey whiskies in general – should really enjoy this special release, but its intensity may most likely be too much for a whisky novice. Locally available at Gates Circle Liquors for $119. Rating 92/100.

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