Kilchoman Loch Gorm

loch_gormEven though Loch Gorm, Kilchoman’s sherry cask aged staple has been in production for a few years, it has only recently been distributed to Western NY. BWG has reviewed several Kilchoman products, all of which are nothing less than excellent (you can read them here). Loch Gorm starts off with sherried oak on the nose, more oak than sherry… lots of oak. Peat smoke and vanilla ease through with a touch of water. The palate is an extension of the nose. More oak, vanilla, some toasted biscuits and peat smoke. Typical, dark fruit type sherry cask flavors aren’t developed at all with this bottling. The complex Kilchoman “autumn camp fire” type peat smoke is barely there at all. More oak than is welcome takes its place. This follows through from nose to finish. Distilled in 2009 and bottled in 2014, this five year old sherry cask whisky very much seems to need more time in the casks to develop. Loch Gorm marks our first disappointment from Kilchoman, lets hope they remain seldom… Locally available at Gates Circle Liquor for $100. BWG rating: 79/100.

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