BWG’s 2014 Whiskey of the Year

2014 brought several excellent whiskies our way. We are grateful to have been able to sample and review such great works of art. Our criteria In choosing our “2014 Whiskey of the Year” boiled down to three distinct categories.

With all the inflated pricing out there for good, mediocre, or even bad whiskey, value is becoming increasingly more important to BWG when it comes to purchasing whiskey. Value is not synonymous with cheap. We define value in whiskey by asking ourselves if the whiskey is worth the price, or even better, how much more would we pay for this whiskey…

Local Availability
Although from time to time we review products that are not available locally, we decided to eliminate them from the “best of 2014” discussion. Part of why BWG was founded was to help bring whiskey education and enjoyment to the Buffalo, NY area. We cannot do that if all the whiskies we review are not available to the majority of people in Western New York.

Personal Taste
Let’s get down to brass tax, all “best of lists” are subjective. No matter what, there will be people who agree and disagree, the latter being the most passionate about their opinion. Keeping this fact in mind, our final criteria for 2014’s best whiskey came down to voting on which whiskey was our personal favorite. As in; which one tasted just so damn good when we drank it? Which one did we go back and buy more of? Which one did we tell our readers to go buy? Which one did we recommend to friends and family?

envyAfter weighing all the criteria, our choice was unanimous. BWG’s 2014 Whiskey of the Year — or what should be more aptly titled, “BWG’s Favorite Whiskey of 2014,” is Angel’s Envy Bourbon. This port wine cask finished bourbon is epically delicious. It’s easy drinking for novices and complex enough for buffs. For us, this bourbon is worth well more than it’s modest price tag and in 2014 became regularly available throughout Western NY. Read our full review of Angel’s Envy here.

Cheers to Angel’s Envy and all the other excellent whiskies of 2014. Here’s to many more whiskies to be had and enjoyed in 2015. Next week BWG will announce our 2014 Craft Beer of – actually, we’ll announce ” BWG’s Favorite Craft Beer of 2014.” Cheers!

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