BWG’s Favorite Craft Beer of 2014

BWG delved heavily into craft beer in 2014, developing an appreciation for everything across the style gambit from session lagers, to barrel aged stouts. Our list of favorite brews was whittled down to the same criteria used in determining our favorite whiskey of 2014. Value, local availability and personal taste.

A couple years ago we first tried this brew and enjoyed it, but something about 2014’s batch put it over the top for us. We tasted it up against other same-style famous brews that are considered world-class — and in our view, it was clearly notches above the others.FullSizeRenderGreat Lakes Chillwave is a double IPA made with mosaic, cascade and nugget hop varieties that give it a wonderfully dense, citrusy floral mix of flavors on the nose and palate. A honey malt provides just a touch of sweet honey flavor and blends beautifully with the floral, citrusy hops. We love Chillwave’s balanced, vibrant flavors from its nose all the way through its finish. It’s locally available and at $12 a 4-pack it doesn’t break the bank. Chillwave is produced in a limited annual release from Great Lakes Brewing Co. out if Cleveland Ohio. Their next batch is stated on their website as being released in Febuary or March 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for Chillwave in the coming months — let’s hope the 2015 version is as delicious as the 2014 was. Cheers!

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