Moor Pat

moorpat_streetMoor Pat is a new craft beer bar located in the Village of Williamsville, a suburb just east of Buffalo. Craft beer enthusiasts Peter Braun and Mike Shatzel (the latter of Cole’s and Blue Monk local craft beer fame) wanted to create a world-class craft beer establishment to provide the best American micros and European imports to the beer-loving suburban crowd in Western NY.moorpat_poorMoor Pat has a quant, comfortable feel from the second you look at its classic, colonial-house style facade from the parking lot. The invitingly simple interior is lined with thick wooden beams, copper counter tops and a collection of modern and classic beer poster designs.IMG_9891







moor_beer_1Obviously Moore Pat is all about beer, but they have a modest and excellently diverse list of whiskies to choose from as well. We love everything about Moor Pat, from the beer, to the warm, communal, laid back type vibe, to the selection of whiskies. It’s an absolute gem for those seeking good beer and whiskey in the suburbs.moorpat_whiskies

moorpat_ryeIf one finds his or herself in Williamsville, t’would be a sin not to stop in for a delicious libation. Keep up to date on The Moor Pat’s constantly revolving beer list and keep yourself informed about their beer and whiskey events by checking out

Moore Pat
78 E Spring St
Williamsville, NY

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