blantonsBlanton’s is a standard for bourbon lovers and it’s unique decanter-like bottle has a fixed place in most whiskey collections. The archetypical Blanton’s is considered by some a necessary step in the bourbon drinker’s palate evolution. Each batch of Blanton’s differs slightly (batch indicators can be found on each label) but for the most part, they remain very similar. Blanton’s is bottled with no age statement, but it’s said to be around eight, or nine years old and is usually around 46% abv. Classically intense bourbon spice commandeers the nose. Caramel, a bit of tart cherry, vanilla and oak. The palate follows suit with more caramel, maple, vanilla and dried oak. The finish is hot and short, leaving a tangy, leathery, bourbon-spiced char flavor on your tongue. All the flavors in Blanton’s are rich, well structured and have a nice balance. It runs a bit hot on the palate, reminiscent of younger, or higher abv whiskies — and it’s definitely not an overly refined, or complex whiskey — but it’s an admirable, classic style bourbon that can help a newer bourbon drinker begin to bridge the gap from entry-level to mid-level. Locally available in store or online at Gates Circle Liquor for $52. BWG rating: 88/100.

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