Bellwoods Boogie Monster

boogieOne of BWG’s favorite Toronto spots is a beautiful little tucked away place called Bellwoods Brewery. Bellwoods is soon set to significantly expand, but as of this writing their modestly inviting street-side open-air brew house and restaurant is our place of choice when taking a short summertime trip from Buffalo to Toronto.

Bellwoods’ list of rotating small batch brews are all delicious. Our favorite is the light yet layered and totally drinkable double IPA Boogie Monster. This 8% beer bursts with juicy, chewy hop flavors. It’s made with Galaxy and Mosaic hops which citrusy and herbal characteristics burst from your glass from nose through finish. Boogie Monster’s availability frequently rotates along with their other brews. The best way to catch a delicious Boogie Monster is to frequent Bellwoods’ website and to follow their Instagram page where every Friday they post what beers are newly up for customer enjoyment. If you’re in Toronto and looking for good beer, make Bellwoods your first stop. And if Boogie Monster is on tap, order it without hesitation…

Bellwoods Brewery | 124 Ossington Ave. | Toronto ON. MJ6 2Z5 | (416) 535-4586

Boogie Monster Double IPA BWG rating: 93/100.

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