Whiskey is the most diverse, complex and unique spirit in the world. It has a rich and layered history that spans centuries and cultures alike. Its types and forms are vast and starkly varying. Whiskey is an artform and the Buffalo Whiskey Guild’s mission is to bring the artform of whiskey to life. The Buffalo Whiskey Guild was also conceived and designed to introduce and stabilize a strong whiskey culture in the Buffalo New York area. We are passionate about bringing the world of whiskey to this fantastic area and that goal will continue to be a large part our mission until it is realized.

The Buffalo Whiskey Guild provides not only whiskey, but craft beer and spirit education and information so that appreciation and enjoyment can be realized. We celebrate the world of spirits in all their forms and types and continually seek to expand our own knowledge of these historically resonant elixirs so that we can impart and bestow our knowledge onto you.

Here’s to enjoying the finer things in life. Cheers.

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  1. Jim says:

    This is a great format to better understand the local whiskey business
    I’m looking to learn a little more – any recommendations on courses, tastings, venues etc…

    • BWG will be announcing a few upcoming tasting events soon. We hold two types of whiskey tastings; one is less educational, less formal and more “whiskey enjoyment” based, and the other is more “whiskey education” based – learning different types, proper techniques, nose, palate, finish, etc. Gates Circle offers tastings at local restaurants with distillers/distributors from time to time. They also have a quarterly bourbon club and are working on a quarterly scotch club as well. What type of whiskey were you leaning towards? Are there any questions we BWG can answer for you?

      • Jim says:

        When you say gates circle you mean the liquor store?
        I should stop in and check with them first?
        Not sure which type I’m interested in yet just want to learn a little about all right now to get me started
        Any other tips?

      • Yes, the liquor store on Delaware. If your just getting started, there’s a few entry level whiskies we can recommend. The most diversity on the entry level would be with Scotch Whisky. Entry level, meaning with price and simpler, easier to identify flavor profiles. The Dalmore 12, Glenlivet 12 or 15 and The Balvenie 12 are good places to start. $50-$60 and a bit lighter and sweeter on the palate which make it easier to delve into than a richer, smokey, or salty type whiskies. Make sure to read our “Whisky Proper” tab, pick a bottle that you think you might like and start the great whiskey journey. Let us know how it goes, cheers!

  2. Will you be updating the events section for 2015?

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