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Nickel Brook Immodest IPA

Nickel Brook Brewing Co. has been brewing high quality, small batch beers in Burlington Ontario Canada since 2005. BWG stumbled across this brewery on recommendation by a Canadian friend. He told us that their Immodest IPA tastes like the famously delicious … Continue reading

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Resurgence Brewing Co.

With at least two new breweries opening up in 2014, Buffalo’s craft beer explosion shows no signs of slowing down. Resurgence Brewing Co. is located on Niagara Street on the northwest side of Buffalo. They are currently in the final stages of construction and hope … Continue reading

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Bell’s Hopslam

Bell’s Brewery has been crafting artisanal beer out of Kalamazoo Michigan since 1985. They routinely find themselves at the top of many industry best breweries lists. Bell’s most sought after and highly rated limited release beer is the Hopslam. The … Continue reading

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BWG’s 2013 Craft Beer of the Year

Heady Topper is a double IPA made by The Alchemist, a small brewing company in Waterbury Vermont. In 2003 The Alchemist started out as a brew pub which featured several small-batch beers, among which was Heady Topper. Over the last 10 … Continue reading

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Buy Local, Buy New York

This holiday season, a big push is on for New Yorkers to support their neighborhood, county and state economies by buying local. Buying local doesn’t just mean buying from local vendors, (which is most certainly a must) but it also … Continue reading

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Hurd Orchards

Over this past summer friends introduced BWG to a beautiful little place in Holley, NY called Hurd Orchards. Hurd Orchards is a family owned fruit and flower farm and canning company. They operate a road side country-style store and a … Continue reading

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Warlock Imperial Stout

Happy Halloween from everyone at BWG. We thought it would be fitting to celebrate the darkest of holidays by reviewing a seasonal stout by local brewing monolith, Southern Tier Brewing Company. In 2013, Southern Tier breeched the list of top … Continue reading

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Aurora Brew Works

In our humble opinion, there cannot be enough places to get good craft beer. Weather it be bars, or stores – the more the merrier. Aurora Brew Works decided – most uniquely and most ingeniously – to be both. This … Continue reading

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Big Ditch Brewing Co.

Buffalo’s craft beer scene has been steadily growing over the last few years. In fact, Western NY is poised to have at least five new breweries and brew houses open up by 2015. BWG recently got to meet and interview … Continue reading

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Blood Orange Pale Ale

    Over the 4th of July holiday weekend, BWG made an excursion out to New York City in hopes of discovering some new whiskey and beer. We stumbled upon a curious looking local brew boldly titled Blood Orange Pale Ale. Normally, … Continue reading

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